Wednesday, May 16, 2012


If you have a great product and I like what you stand for,
I'm stickin' with you.


It's on the top of the priority list over here.
The goal is to make feNa the first place you look for a clutch.
Once you see all the styles and colors you won't be able to decide.
So you'll get one. But you love it so much that you need another one in
a different color.  And another one in a different style for a
different occasion. And at least two more for friends or family gifts.
Then starts a new season with new styles and colors.
And so the cycle continues....

But the best part of all that, is what you like even more:
Our infinite positive voice,
the high level of value for our product,
and the amazing amount of fun we like to have while
engaging WITH you and starting what we trust is a
life-long relationship.
I know a bit about loyalty because this is just how I'm programmed.
It's comforting to know what I'm getting, and it feels great to
continually support companies that have treated me well.

The first brand I can remember being loyal to is Nike.
"Just do it" - I was already hooked.
Then came their fun tennis shoe designs in the 90's.
. I would get so excited for that shopping trip every year before
the new tennis season to see what they came up with next. 
Key factors to loyalty:
Fun designs. Never disappointed. Fit perfect every time. Comfortable. Lasted the season.

Then came their commitment to become more
environmentally responsible with their designs and manufacturing.
Even better. They've got me for life.
I've never worn another brand of tennis shoes since my first
happy experience with them 20+ years ago!

The same is true for my relationships with Toyota/Lexus
Nokia, T-Mobile, & Dyson, to name a few.

I love the innovative spirit, I've always been treated well,
and of course I enjoy the products.
It's a great way to get and keep my attention.

I hope to do the same for you at feNa!


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