Wednesday, April 18, 2012

name first, design second

When the idea of creating handbags started to bloom
in the early-mid 2000's, my mind started to race
for names. 

Using my own name was never an option.
I love it so much and want to keep it all to myself.

I remember the moment I came up with feNa - late at night
as I was ready to fall asleep (this is when most
of my great ideas happen).  I vividly remember having
a conversation with myself about what I wanted my brand to be.
Even though I was designing clutches only, I didn't want
to leave out a substantial part of the market
that carried handbags.  At first I thought:
"for everyone N anyone" ?
No, because that wouldn't really be true.
So I started to think
1) about everything a consumer would need to carry
2) how I wanted to create something that easily translated from day
to night....a clutch that was....

It came to me clear as day so I hopped out of bed
and ran to get a notebook to write it down.

I wanted my clutches to be
"for everything N anything"

Short version pronounced (f - ee - nuh)

Immediately, I knew the "f" "e" and "a" had to be lower case
and the "N" had to be upper case.

Fast forward about 7-8 years and the name is the only
thing that hasn't changed in development of the brand.

That's when you know it's right....

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