Friday, April 6, 2012

what's in my bag

It's a curiosity many people have:
"What's in your bag?"

This is, mind you, where it all started:
My own personal need for a beautiful clutch that could carry all
my essentials from day to night with ease & style.

It's what you've always wondered about, so
here is your up close & personal look inside my bag:

I've been carrying the GLORIOUS in smoke for quite some time now,
I find it goes with 95% of what I wear.
(Will be back in stock soon for all those asking for it!)

The two interior open pockets separate my business cc's from my personal cc's.
Clean and simple.
The interior zipper pocket holds my lip gloss and 
can'tgoanywherewithoutone tissue.

My Hawaii key chain and sparkly business card holder both double
as a mirror - an absolute must have!

Oh...what is that you're laughing at???
Yes, that is a good old-fashioned phone you're looking at. It's not
"smart," but it works perfectly for me and I won't upgrade until
absolutely necessary.
If you've ever texted me, now you know why it takes so long to respond. 
Unless it's a quick "yes" or "no" answer,
talking on the phone is actually more efficient and my
preferred method of correspondence!
(G A S P !!)
Don't worry, as noted in our ABOUT page, although I'm a bit old-fashioned,
I do embrace innovation/technology and design the clutches to fit all the latest gadgets!
(For example: our TRIUMPHANT will fit an iPad!)

And finally...yes, there is evidence that I am one of the
gagillions that partook in the historical
Mega Millions lottery last week.
Didn't you?

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