Sunday, April 22, 2012

earth day every day

When we take the time to look around and soak in
our beautiful surroundings, there is so much to be
thankful for and preserve for the future.

In celebration of Earth Day, I'd like to share
22 ways I show it I love it:

1. People go crazy for napkins at a restaurant for some reason -
always picking up more than they need. I take these unused
piles home with me & haven't had to buy napkins for years. 
I use them as paper towels for cleaning as well.

2. If I'm waiting for the water to get hot to do dishes, I fill up 2
pitchers I use to water plants - this way I'm not wasting
water down the drain.

3. I try not to consume beverages in plastic bottles.  I bring my reusable
earthlust bottle with me everywhere and drink a lot of water.

4. I use an aquasana water filter at home that hooks to my faucet.

5. I don't buy anything (food, beauty products, etc.), until I am 100% out -
I find I waste a lot less this way, squeezing every bit out of each thing.

6. I use rechargeable batteries, even for my camera!

7. I print on both sides of the paper whenever I can, and cut up used paper
or envelopes to use for notes and lists, then recycle.

8. I diligently unplug the phone charger when it's not in use - my
phone even tells me when it's charged and to unplug it!.

9. I use reusable shopping bags for everything. The grocery store,
the drug store, and the mall.

10. I always do all my laundry with cold water.

11.  I save every piece of gift wrap I've received and reuse it.
I haven't bought gift wrapping for probably 6-7 years!

12.  I changed 95% of my light bulbs to CFL's.

13. I take home products that can be recycled that establishments
or other people don't have the ability to recycle.

14.  You name it, I recycle it.

15.  I try to save errands for one trip, driving less frequently.

16.  I use things multiple times before trashing (e.g. both sides
of the cotton pad or eye makeup remover pad).

17.  I am a supporter of drinking local beer/wine, wherever I am.
Lowers the carbon footprint!

18.  I turn off the faucet when brushing my teeth.

19.  I pay bills online and use checks sparingly.

20.  I took myself off the junk mail list and the phone book list.
With the exception of those pesky local coupons,
it has worked for years!

21.  I won't ever leave lights on when I'm not home or in that
particular room.

22.  Most importantly, I recognize, appreciate, enjoy and praise this
wildly beautiful earth we live on and love to capture it in
nature photography whenever I can.

Please tell me your tips in the comments and I'll
try to incorporate them into my life as well!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

name first, design second

When the idea of creating handbags started to bloom
in the early-mid 2000's, my mind started to race
for names. 

Using my own name was never an option.
I love it so much and want to keep it all to myself.

I remember the moment I came up with feNa - late at night
as I was ready to fall asleep (this is when most
of my great ideas happen).  I vividly remember having
a conversation with myself about what I wanted my brand to be.
Even though I was designing clutches only, I didn't want
to leave out a substantial part of the market
that carried handbags.  At first I thought:
"for everyone N anyone" ?
No, because that wouldn't really be true.
So I started to think
1) about everything a consumer would need to carry
2) how I wanted to create something that easily translated from day
to night....a clutch that was....

It came to me clear as day so I hopped out of bed
and ran to get a notebook to write it down.

I wanted my clutches to be
"for everything N anything"

Short version pronounced (f - ee - nuh)

Immediately, I knew the "f" "e" and "a" had to be lower case
and the "N" had to be upper case.

Fast forward about 7-8 years and the name is the only
thing that hasn't changed in development of the brand.

That's when you know it's right....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A $17,000 Outfit

A Standout in Spark

A Standout in Spark is my latest Polyvore creation.
It's a great way to show the feNa clutches styled in many different ways.
I've been posting these "Look of the Day" outfits for over a year and
am happy to hear they are inspiring many fashionistas out there!

I personally find it easier to shop when I have a clear vision of what I
want, then go out (or search the web) for a similar version
that fits my budget.

Now...did I realize this outfit cost $17,000 when I was creating it?
But doesn't the ABUNDANCE in spark, which will be
back in stock soon,
look right at home here??!!

Keep track of our newest creations via
Pinterest and Facebook
Please continue pinning your favorites to your style boards!!

Happy Shopping!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

what's in my bag

It's a curiosity many people have:
"What's in your bag?"

This is, mind you, where it all started:
My own personal need for a beautiful clutch that could carry all
my essentials from day to night with ease & style.

It's what you've always wondered about, so
here is your up close & personal look inside my bag:

I've been carrying the GLORIOUS in smoke for quite some time now,
I find it goes with 95% of what I wear.
(Will be back in stock soon for all those asking for it!)

The two interior open pockets separate my business cc's from my personal cc's.
Clean and simple.
The interior zipper pocket holds my lip gloss and 
can'tgoanywherewithoutone tissue.

My Hawaii key chain and sparkly business card holder both double
as a mirror - an absolute must have!

Oh...what is that you're laughing at???
Yes, that is a good old-fashioned phone you're looking at. It's not
"smart," but it works perfectly for me and I won't upgrade until
absolutely necessary.
If you've ever texted me, now you know why it takes so long to respond. 
Unless it's a quick "yes" or "no" answer,
talking on the phone is actually more efficient and my
preferred method of correspondence!
(G A S P !!)
Don't worry, as noted in our ABOUT page, although I'm a bit old-fashioned,
I do embrace innovation/technology and design the clutches to fit all the latest gadgets!
(For example: our TRIUMPHANT will fit an iPad!)

And finally...yes, there is evidence that I am one of the
gagillions that partook in the historical
Mega Millions lottery last week.
Didn't you?