Friday, October 12, 2012


a long individual life
As I was marveling at how awesome I felt in a pair of sweats I
found in the closet from the early 90s this weekend, I smiled at the
memory of why I had them in the first place.
I was at a tennis tournament in Laramie, WY and even though it was Fall,
it was snowing.  My Mom insisted I cover up my legs & headed
out to buy me a pair of dreaded sweats - something I don't normally wear.
So why do I still have them?  Through all the years of cleaning out closets
they've traveled with me to college at Arizona and now 13+ years
in San Diego.
As I pondered this question, I looked around at things I have.
A wrist watch, also from the 90s, that I love because it hangs just right on
my wrist and has all the features I need.
A pair of Nike's from 10 years ago that serve their purpose perfectly when I'm not
in my usual high heels or flip flops.
Jewelry from highschool or college that continues to compliment
any outfit with style.
It's simple. I like things that not only last, but stay relevant.
Because they've stayed with me for more than a season, everything has a
memory & a story attached to it, which I appreciate.
It's very much part of who I am and have always been, and it's something
that I intrinsically instill into the feNa brand.
Twenty years from now, I want you to be able to pick up your feNa clutch
and marvel at how fantastic it has worn through the years,
how fabulous it looks with your current fashion....
and to smile at the memory of when you got it.
Cheers to longevity!