Friday, December 14, 2012

winter soulstice mix

We're slowing things down a bit and adding some
SOUL to our
(click song to listen)
1. SKYFALL - Adel  2. Bittersweet Faith (Thievery Corporation) - Bitter:Sweet
3. Where I Stood - Missy Higgins  4. Diamonds - Rihanna  5. Safe & Sound - Rebelution 
6. Sour Times - Portishead  7. Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams) - B.o.B.
8. One More Night - Maroon 5  9. Rumour Has It - Adele  10. Stay (feat. Mikky Ekko) - Rihanna
11. Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine  12. 6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps
13. Breathe (2AM) by Anna Nalick  14. Skyscraper by Demi Lavato
15. Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve  16. Fade Into You by Nashville Cast
17. Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine  18. Destiny by Zero 7

Monday, November 12, 2012

WIN a feNa clutch!

Anyone can be a winner!
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Good Luck!

Friday, October 12, 2012


a long individual life
As I was marveling at how awesome I felt in a pair of sweats I
found in the closet from the early 90s this weekend, I smiled at the
memory of why I had them in the first place.
I was at a tennis tournament in Laramie, WY and even though it was Fall,
it was snowing.  My Mom insisted I cover up my legs & headed
out to buy me a pair of dreaded sweats - something I don't normally wear.
So why do I still have them?  Through all the years of cleaning out closets
they've traveled with me to college at Arizona and now 13+ years
in San Diego.
As I pondered this question, I looked around at things I have.
A wrist watch, also from the 90s, that I love because it hangs just right on
my wrist and has all the features I need.
A pair of Nike's from 10 years ago that serve their purpose perfectly when I'm not
in my usual high heels or flip flops.
Jewelry from highschool or college that continues to compliment
any outfit with style.
It's simple. I like things that not only last, but stay relevant.
Because they've stayed with me for more than a season, everything has a
memory & a story attached to it, which I appreciate.
It's very much part of who I am and have always been, and it's something
that I intrinsically instill into the feNa brand.
Twenty years from now, I want you to be able to pick up your feNa clutch
and marvel at how fantastic it has worn through the years,
how fabulous it looks with your current fashion....
and to smile at the memory of when you got it.
Cheers to longevity!

Friday, September 14, 2012

follow me to happiness

I wish I could count how many times I've visited.
To sit. To sip. To gaze. To gawk.
To always be happy.
I can now share a glimpse into one of my favorite places
with you, as they just launched a new webcam.
Look for me on the deck this weekend...

Monday, August 20, 2012

yes, it'll fit

You'll be amazed at what fits in a feNa clutch!


Even our smallest clutches hold all of your must-haves with style.
Designed with daily function on our minds - they can carry
reusable shopping bags and cameras too!

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Don't worry about losing your glasses or missing your
favorite hand cream - we've got you covered!

Ready for Anything

B U S I N E S S   O R   P L E A S U R E

Looking for something bigger & wishing you could tote more items
with style? Our
largest clutch is happy to oblige!
With the easy-to-open hidden magnet closure - your iPad, favorite
book and must-have snack will be at your fingertips in no time.

Business or Pleasure

We pride ourselves in providing excellent design and fabulous
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Lil bits of Chic ♥: Safari Chic

Paulina @ Lil bits of Chic took her inspiration for her latest style blog post from our
GRATITUDE in caramel clutch!  Looking "Safari Chic" in San Diego, she mixes
beautiful earthtones and nature inspired jewelry to create this
fresh, fabulous look.
See the full post and more photos here:
Paus lil bits of Chic ♥: Safari Chic

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

share the love

We've had a heck-of-a-lot of support since our launch last year
 & couldn't think of a better way to show our gratitude than to
share the love.
We're privileged to personally know these amazingly talented
people and trust you will find something to covet.

Melvin : I had the pleasure of seeing this collection in person & meeting the designer
in January 2012. I loved their Out of Africa collection, with pieces featuring special
meanings like "bravery" & "good fortune" in both symbols and words.  
As seen in GIRLS on HBO, White Collar on USA, "O" Oprah Magazine & more!

foxy rocks: A wonderful friend from San Diego with many creative talents & some
serious marathon skills! My first foxy rocks purchase was back in early 2000s &
she still continues to surprise & delight us with new designs!

ERIN HAKANSSON: I met Erin's parents on a trip to Greece & Italy in 1997. Her
parents thought my friend would like to meet Erin, as both lived in Denver at the time.
Fast forward and they are still great friends and I've been following her success
with her jewelry line for several years. 
My favorites are the reversible necklaces - so clever!

PONO: I met Joan Goodman & her team in January 2012 & adore her collection.
I'm especially drawn to her colorful, unique bangles and cuffs as well as her 
famous chain necklaces.
As seen in The Good Wife on CBS, Vogue, InStyle, Harpers Bazaar, & many more!

Grand Canyon A Gallery & Wes Timmerman Photography : My incredibly talented Dad
took his lifelong passion for Photography and has just launched his first Book for the
iPad available in the iTunes bookstore! It's a decade in the making from his many
grueling hikes in the Grand Canyon and showcases images that you will likely never
see anywhere else from this wonder of the world. Trust me, this is not to be missed!

Tom Lien Art : Tom is a friend of a friend, and one that knows a thing or two about
beautiful art. His abstract paintings are fantastic and right up my alley.
Can't wait to have one on the wall someday!

Made Right Here : A good friend from my home town of Jackson Hole, WY - Matt
worked very hard to create this incredible TV Pilot about products Made in the USA.
This video-short is an inspiring piece that deserves some serious attention!

I was lucky enough to meet all these lovely designers in January 2012!

JOANNA MAXHAM :  I can't say enough kind things about Joanna.  Her bags
are timeless, classic, sophisticated & luxurious  - made of gorgeous leathers
and beautifully crafted. 
As seen in GIRLS on HBO, Vogue, InStyle, Lucky & more!

ALEXANDRA SATINE : Alexandra's bags are not what they appear at first glance.
They deserve a second, and third look - as some of her bags are 3 in 1 !
She's incredibly innovative with her convertible designs and
pays special attention to detail.
As seen in Lucky, InStyle, People Style Watch & more!

m.clifford : Martha, like myself, also changed career paths to start her handbag
line - and we can see why!  Her handbags are named after famous movie stars
and have an "effortless chic" aesthetic.
As seen in Gossip Girl on CW, Vanity Fair, People Style Watch & more!

Bryna : Bryna is known for her hobo bags and mixing beautiful Ikat fabrics
with Italian Leathers.  She's also just launched Be by Bryna which can
now be found at most Nordstrom stores in the Trend Department!

Bill Timmerman : An eye for detail - I've never seen anything like it before. Not only
is my Uncle a phenomenal Architectural Photographer, he's the reason feNa
photos look picture-perfect!  I've had the privilege of working side-by-side with
him on our shoots and even my critical eye doesn't compare to his attention to detail!

Mark Epstein Digital Media : Mark is a good friend from high school who's seen some
amazing things in his life and captured them in a way that you feel as if you're there.
You'll want to set aside a few minutes to peruse his gorgeous shots!

Steve Mattheis : I like to refer to Steve as the jack-of-all-trades. I'm not sure there's
anything he can't do.  Also the designer/innovator of the oval-light below - he
went from Mechanical Engineer to inventor to fantastic photographer - learning
this trade on his own.  Wildlife & landscape photography that simply blows me away.
Sign up for his blog and be amazed. 

Lisa Brockman : Lisa and I met through a mutual friend and have since been
cheering each other on in our endeavors.
If you wish to travel the world and see places like Cambodia, Myanmar, India,
Cuba and Russia - but just can't make it there yet - follow Lisa's blog
and she will transport you there with her beautiful images.

All of these talented people are from my home town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

Libby Green : Amy & I share a love for our planet and she's making a difference with
her stylish reusable plastic bags! They're made of recycled PET bottles & are a
MUST for every household.  She also has the perfect solution to those pesky
plastic produce bags.  Perfect for yourself & for gifts!!

Dust Cutter : Umm, can you say Huckleberry Lemonade?  Yeah, I can't wait to get
a taste of this when Dust Cutter launches by the end of 2012. Eric is taking this on
as a second career and I can't wait to see it take off like wildfire!
Flavors also include Lemonade & Lemonade-Tea.

Oval Light : As mentioned earlier, Steve invented this genius LED flash-light.
If you plan on walking anywhere in the dark, you're gonna want one of these.
My whole family uses them and we can't imagine going back to a regular
flash-light. Light shoots forward to see ahead, and down at your feet so
you can avoid those embarrassing trips and stumbles.
This also won design awards at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC!

Grace Home Design : My dear friend Jenny is full of unexpected ideas that will turn
your home into something outstanding & incomparable to anyone else.
She's brought a new life of contemporary design to Jackson Hole & it's
catching on quickly, spreading to other areas including California.
Take a look at her impressive portfolio and get to dreaming about what your
home could be!

Aren't I lucky to know these people??
Much love to each & every one of you!